Saturday, September 24, 2011

Special Needs Decorating: Fresh Mantlepiece Flowers

I wrote this on December 3, 2008


My special first grader, tall for his age, is totally obsessed with plants and flowers and used to bat these vases off the mantelpiece every chance he got. Since I love having fresh flowers in my LR (purchased cheaply at the grocery store or picked from my yard--even tree branches will do), I decided to out-smart him. I found these metal pots and vases at the 99cents store. I marked the desired positions, poked a hole in the middle of each pot with a hammer and nail, then screwed the pots into the wood of the mantelpiece. (The mantelpiece itself was nothing special--just a pine shelf board and moulding I put up myself--so I didn't care about putting holes in it.) Then I screwed metal eyelets into the wall behind where each vase would go. Luckily there was a horizontal stud there so they are quite secure. Finally, I just put the flower-filled vases in the pots, and tied them to the eyelets with string. When I get around to it I'll replace the regular string with clear fishline. Fresh flowers make any room special and they make me smile.

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